Even the best direct selling teams hit obstacles. Heard this before?

“I don’t know her, is she new?” “Can you cover that training again on the next call?”

“How are you, we haven’t connected in a while?!” “Can you resend that email attachment?”

“I’ve been in this a long time, I don’t need training” “I’m new - can you invest more time with me?”

When you use UpAndDownline, things go a little differently

Death by conference call
Trying to communicate with your team through endless conference calls, repeating the same messages and materials, but still missing out on real communication.
Missing the train on training
Everyone needs training. Everyone wants training. But a lack of quality materials, a not-quite-good-enough delivery system, and other issues continue to get in the way.
The team that isn’t a team
A group of individuals isn’t always a team. Lack of interaction, poor teamwork, minimal social exchanges. Engagement and retention suffer, turnover drags you down.
Efficient Communication
Increased touch points and connections between you and your team. Multiple paths of information flow, and automated messaging functionality help everyone.
Training and Development
Everyone develops and grows. Continual improvement of sales skills, leadership development, and tips and tricks. The whole team learns and stays on track.
Community and Teamwork
Give your team a place to go and be - a private social network where they can hang out and connect. Build community to decrease turnover and extend connection.

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What's Possible When You Launch UpAndDownline For Your Team?

Your new recruits, and even some of your seasoned team members require big chunks of your time and energy for training, development, motivation, and inspiration. It is critical that you help them stay on top of their business goals but you need to invest this time and energy into new opportunities and high-priority work.

UpAndDownline provides a private community where your team can go to connect, learn, and grow. Say goodbye to long-running conference calls, repeatedly providing the same information to new recruits, and the battle to keep your experienced team members motivated. Say hello to streamlined on-boarding of new team members, a convenient and simple communication platform, and rewarding training and motivation opportunities for your sales team.

How UpAndDownline Helps Your Direct Selling Business


Training and Development

Develop your team, present them with opportunities to grow, and show leadership through skill building and continual improvement. Leverage the robust training platform within UpAndDownline to coach, vision cast, and grow your business. See results in increased sales and recruiting by optimizing your team's talents and strengths.
Team Work

Community and Teamwork

Provide your unit with a place to go and be, to hangout, to learn, to feel the teamwork. Leverage the benefits of your own private social network to build a community where engagement and retention are organically built in. Increase connection points for new recruits, reduce overall turnover, and extend team members’ connection to your organization.

Communication and On-boarding

Increase touch points and connections within your team.  Bring new team members on board quickly with an automated communication pipeline.  Provide a platform to build multiple communication paths for your unit - you to your team, peer to peer, and successful team members to new recruits. Leverage automated messaging functionality for individuals and the team.


Time = Money

Your time really is worth money. The investment you make into your team by using UpAndDownline will come back to you multiplied. The payoff is you can train, motivate, and communicate with increased agility and efficiency. You will optimize your business with higher quality, higher frequency team interaction for less time and money than what you’re investing now.

Focused Motivation

Improve yourself, improve others. Read testimonials, listen to success stories, and witness the inspiration as it spreads through your team. UpAndDownline will help you cultivate a spirit of motivation for continued drive and focus. See results through belief, positive reinforcement, and genuine encouragement.

Clear Accountability

Challenge. Focus. Strive. Call your team to action to work their business, set goals, stretch themselves, and be accountable for getting results. Use UpAndDownline to implement contests and goals to bring out the best in your team, all while teaching and demonstrating how to set and meet objectives to win.

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